Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Fantastic Friends I Have!

Needed to dash to Melbourne last week, a week premature, got on the plane with what i had on and with me (luckily i was on business up the Coast so had my lap top with me!!!)

It makes you wonder what would life be like without all the things we become so attached too, our comforts our dependance's the tools we use to work with.  (Lucky my host has all the chargers I need, bar one.)

I find myself dreaming of favourite jeans, shoe's, not to mention the bounty I had been preparing for the last month of wonderful stock to show to all my clients that was sitting on the floor of the Studio with Melbourne written on all the boxes, I had kind of finished packing, nearly ready, just needed a few tweaks, i woke up in sweat on Saturday morning in Melbourne what was i to do?????? Fly home, Fly back to Melb a day later??

Sole Trader, Self Employed, can't call the Secretary to finish the job for me,,,,,,,,thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of some local friends we had a Skype Video link up! I got to look at tables, into boxes and sit in the 30c Heat of Sunday, instructing tireless pals about what was were and how to locate it.

It only took an hour or so, all ran very smoothly and at the end i was so overwhelmed that i had such lovely friends that could take some time out of their busy schedule to help me out.

Thank you so much Andrew and Tom i am Very Very Grateful.

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