Sunday, April 29, 2012

I know its not Sunday! (in AUS)

Just had to blog about this shiny 3D cross we shot last week, it is so Resplendent, Majestic, and only 17cm tall, it sits on my desk although would look much better on a wall in a cluster or alongside the bed as in all good catholic homes.
Maybe its because i didn't go to church yesterday i feel compelled to share it with you.
Let the light shine on it and you will be repented. AMEN

Monday, April 23, 2012

Three New Vintage Throw's, Three Different Towns

Looking thru the beautiful collection we have of Vintage fabrics i unearthed these three last week and have made them up into Throw's, they could also be used as Curtains, Wallhangings or Bed Spreads.
Each one Hand Woven and Embroidered in its makers own unique way.
They come from three different towns and have been used to identify their wearers this way, but also add to the personality of the owner by their use of thread, composition and embellishment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday ITIS!!

Ever sit at your desk and wish the week was over and you were in some far away place?
Todays the day, doing mundane jobs with the stereo up loud is not working, the knowledge that, that town is far away, its smells, food and people of course!!

Here's a happy snap of a tourist in the town she was visiting along side another tourist in the town she was visiting and the magnificent Outfit that she was wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how could you not stop and ask were are you from? where are you going? without truly understanding, i was told a place in that town, then a day or two later without realising that i had found it, there was this massive EXPO and one State was showing off their traditions, for the cost of a Taxi ride i had gone 12 hrs.

I was in heaven, asked every friend i knew to go back with me, to taste the fare, dance with the minstrels that preformed there, they had Tequilla tastings, and one providor made a point of offering all the flavours to this tourist who had to compose herself before she went back on the streets for fear of acting like a drunk tourist! Here i am in the food court salivating! If only Mexico was just around the corner.......

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crafting whilst it rains.

Some days you just need to stay put, clean the desk, take care of bills and get around to the jobs we don't normally find time to do i had that day yesterday, finally making up Millagro Charm necklaces and finding a ring or two i bought in antique markets in Mexico.
The mens ring in Silver has an Aztec god design, we are still in the throws of identifying him.
The women's ring is a 70's cake with a Peace Dove, Laurel leaves with Turquoise and Coral stones in 925 Silver. Ahhh, its always a nice feeling when you get to the end of this kind of day.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hand Woven Wool Hall Runner

Time to get the sox out, were are those slippers?
Is your Hallway in need of a refurbish?
Imagine looking at  this beautiful, earthy handwoven rug, from Mexico, in a Valley where the makers weave for the world market.  Most of their work goes to Europe these days due to their fine workmanship where high prices are asked, they are still using the same methods they have done so for centuries. Using mostly natural dyes, the traditions are passed down from generation to generation. This rug is 2.5m x 58cm $290.00 its unique, one of a kind.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


There is nothing like that feeling of coming home, whether its a planned trip or one that drags out till you pining for your bed, your garden, your kitchen and the routine of day to day life in a familiar environment.
Were we live is full of fun and entertainment, superb beaches, breathtaking walks and the verdant vegetation that feeds you as you view it, keeping everything around you alive, whether its the frog who's lodging in your shower or the veggie patch that struggles along without your assistance and still feeds you when you return.  Morning duties are seeing what is ready to pick, tending the garden and then to dream about what yummy meal we can cook for dinner with all the fresh produce all day long.
In between its photo shoots, liaising with clients and my favourite, discovering stock that is hiding in corners of the stock room you haven't seen in a while.  Creating looks and making stock from all the amazing treasures we have.  What a beautiful life. Gracias Dios!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Poncho Time

They tell me its been Arctic in the Southern States, time for a poncho, this is the last of our Mexican Hand Woven, Hand Embroidered, Macrame Tasseled Ponchos.
Just add Jeans and Frye Boots!!! Easy.........................
Find them at White Nest, Blairgowrie 5988 9676 and Moss Grotto, Barwon Heads 5254 2277.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Helping others out less fortunate than you, at Easterx
In Latin American Easter is a huge celebration, the poor are normally unable to afford the food for their table let alone a feast which could be shared by their family as well.
Mayan Families constantly support others less fortunate than us, please view the video attached to see some of their work and the people who benefit at this special time.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mexican Suzani's in all shapes and size's

Today one of our favourite customers has asked for some more. 
Were do i start? how do i describe them? as the women who make these use mythical creatures to paint their picture it's hard to describe their figures, the colours are so alien to us as well, but bring joy to whom ever chooses to view them. 
These are $300 each and measure aprox 72 cm x 87 cm the colour below is a vivid tangerine silk thread.