Sunday, May 25, 2014

Website Updating Today

Please forgive me for it appears to years since i last wrote, …………...

It appears that life and work have overlooked Blogging., one seems to get out of practice when not doing things regularly.

I'd like to start with a reorientation for myself and a future library of news and pictures to share with you.

Today we have been collecting all our beautiful Wall Art and preparing for the shoot and update of our Website.

At one moment my desk was covered with all the divine Wall Art that individual Artisans make that we collect from all over Central and South America………….

The Hand Painted Tin pieces that Lux has been making for us for a decade now, the Pewter Virgin of Guadalupe on a stand here complimented by a huge Filigree Cross, theres small Virgins as well for you to hang to take care of your Home, Heart, Family and Business.

I never tire of finding unique and different products to share with you, we love our job so very much.