Sunday, February 19, 2012

Have you ever stopped to think, were the garment you are wearing has come from?

This morning on Radio National ABC Australia, I heard a very inspiring women speak about the origins of your clothing.
Alice Payne has created this site
Great for producers and consumers, I heard that old chestnut,"the T.Shirt i bought this year hasn't lasted the season". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have ever thought this please take a moment to see her website.

Australia's Fashion Industry has caved in over the last 30 years due to easy cheap production overseas, the workers who still produce here are inundated with local production and have very little ability to network, the authorities have tidied things up to an extent there is no competition, there are few sewing machine repairers, haberdashery suppliers, dye houses, laundry's, pleaters, many designers produce their stock alone and have to juggle running business's, sourcing fabrics, trims, making patterns, leaving very little time to be a designer.
Whilst sitting next to so called Fashion Retailers, with full overseas production and teams of "designers" working for them. The public happy to buy a cheap, disposable, garment never thinking of were it came from and how it came to them.
This thinking can be transposed to all elements of your life, especially food!!

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