Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do You Know Why I LOVE My Job So Much??

A customer from two years ago visiting Byron this week wants a 3rd Dress, Hand Embroidered, Hand Sewn. she wears the other two all the time and wants a 3rd for when the others are indisposed. We talked of how at the time she thought it was a lot to spend but she has washed and worn them constantly and found that other garments from elsewhere have not lasted as long. I am glad as i can visit Phillipe who makes them again and support her and know my choice to provide well made products, made with love is appreciated.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This Lady and others take 3 months to embroider this Double Bed Spread. 
I have dealt with her family for over 10 years now, her husband and i have a good working relationship, however when an order i received whilst away from a scammer became apparent and i had made them and their friends work overtime for 10 days i had nothing to do but buy the stock, explain how sorry i was to have made them work so hard and remember, until the moneys in your account its not a sale. It appears this scammer has a very big reputation all over the world!! Still time to enjoy the beauty of these original worksx