Monday, February 27, 2012

New Delivery of Printed Plastic Table Cloth fabric!

Yesterday the Delivery man, brought us a beautiful new selection of Printed Plastic Table Cloth fabrics to cut and deliver to our stores. Byron and Bangalow Red Ginger, Brunswick Second Hand Rose, Seddon Sedonia, Williamstown The Assembly Hall.
Which one do you like best?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A place to pray.

Here is one of my favourite shrines, i pass when i'm away.
Really to say FAVOURITE is a big ask as i see so many Churches, Shrines, Memorials, Ruins, but as you know i love PINK! how bright and cheery is this sweet Churchita, stop for a mo, say a prayer and wander on. +Amen+

Monday, February 20, 2012

Carnival (Carnevale)

No we are not in Rio, there are no Feathered clad Samba dancing Women and Men, although some year we would love to be! The sight of all those semi naked bodies dancing can make anyones hips wiggle, even the staunchest  anglo.
Carnival is a Catholic ritual, a time to give up something (the latin word carnevale means to put away the meat) normally a luxury in order to prepare yourself for the holy week, usually 46 days later, as with most customs each country has its interpretation.

I am in Bolivia, with some of my weavers and their friends i am being offered chicha, and beer and for the days i am here have been covered in shaving cream, sprayed with all manner of water pistols, water and flour bombs have been hurled at my passing transport, it is such a pleasure to see the normally sombre Bolivians, playful like children, there are parades in the main street of La Paz and for a whole day you can watch the passing parade of "Carnival Bolivian style!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Have you ever stopped to think, were the garment you are wearing has come from?

This morning on Radio National ABC Australia, I heard a very inspiring women speak about the origins of your clothing.
Alice Payne has created this site
Great for producers and consumers, I heard that old chestnut,"the T.Shirt i bought this year hasn't lasted the season". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have ever thought this please take a moment to see her website.

Australia's Fashion Industry has caved in over the last 30 years due to easy cheap production overseas, the workers who still produce here are inundated with local production and have very little ability to network, the authorities have tidied things up to an extent there is no competition, there are few sewing machine repairers, haberdashery suppliers, dye houses, laundry's, pleaters, many designers produce their stock alone and have to juggle running business's, sourcing fabrics, trims, making patterns, leaving very little time to be a designer.
Whilst sitting next to so called Fashion Retailers, with full overseas production and teams of "designers" working for them. The public happy to buy a cheap, disposable, garment never thinking of were it came from and how it came to them.
This thinking can be transposed to all elements of your life, especially food!!