Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Wednesdays Sunset

Being unwell over the Christmas New Year period has give me a beautiful space to slow down, share with friends and enjoy the environs were we live.
This sunset is an example of this, natures ever-changing beauty that never ceases to amaze, we have had over 70mm of rain in the last 24hrs I had told a customer this morning, before i went to sleep i walked the property were we live and checked that the inundation was unlikely to do any damage overnight.
All part of living with nature, a conscious choice i made, a small plot with town power and a man made road to it, we are happy when it rains as we know this means the garden is watered and our tanks will be filling. That all the grateful veggies will be singing as they grow to nourish us in the heaven that we live in.
In the circle of friends i have here, we exchange what we have bounties of for what we do not have, I collected the last avocado that our tree will have this season, a fabulous currency that has brought me home with Flowers, Eggs, Plants, Cucumbers, Cakes..............I am so grateful that this garden keeps producing for us even when i'm away, I come home from a month overseas to Grasses of Rocket to get me going again and keep me in the garden, grounded, smiling and happy to be homex

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