Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday ITIS!!

Ever sit at your desk and wish the week was over and you were in some far away place?
Todays the day, doing mundane jobs with the stereo up loud is not working, the knowledge that, that town is far away, its smells, food and people of course!!

Here's a happy snap of a tourist in the town she was visiting along side another tourist in the town she was visiting and the magnificent Outfit that she was wearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how could you not stop and ask were are you from? where are you going? without truly understanding, i was told a place in that town, then a day or two later without realising that i had found it, there was this massive EXPO and one State was showing off their traditions, for the cost of a Taxi ride i had gone 12 hrs.

I was in heaven, asked every friend i knew to go back with me, to taste the fare, dance with the minstrels that preformed there, they had Tequilla tastings, and one providor made a point of offering all the flavours to this tourist who had to compose herself before she went back on the streets for fear of acting like a drunk tourist! Here i am in the food court salivating! If only Mexico was just around the corner.......

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