Wednesday, April 11, 2012


There is nothing like that feeling of coming home, whether its a planned trip or one that drags out till you pining for your bed, your garden, your kitchen and the routine of day to day life in a familiar environment.
Were we live is full of fun and entertainment, superb beaches, breathtaking walks and the verdant vegetation that feeds you as you view it, keeping everything around you alive, whether its the frog who's lodging in your shower or the veggie patch that struggles along without your assistance and still feeds you when you return.  Morning duties are seeing what is ready to pick, tending the garden and then to dream about what yummy meal we can cook for dinner with all the fresh produce all day long.
In between its photo shoots, liaising with clients and my favourite, discovering stock that is hiding in corners of the stock room you haven't seen in a while.  Creating looks and making stock from all the amazing treasures we have.  What a beautiful life. Gracias Dios!

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