Friday, August 8, 2014

"Gracias Melbourne"

The last fortnight was a flurry of selling at Tractor Home in Franklin street Melbourne, we got to see all our favourite customers in one place and share our stock with others who do not know the variety of product we import, commission and make to sell. 

It was a massive mission to create a space for 6 days with all our trinkets and as we traded items kept disappearing to their new homes so the workspace became an ever changing work of Art.  

We just loved sharing with Planet Luxe, Tractor Home, Marcs International, Ksj Design and Vivian such talented ladies it was a great inspiration and networking experience to be there.

Now its time to begin selecting the Orders we have and planing what we need in Mexico where we will be in two weeks time, picking up the goodies we don't have and making our further selections for the Christmas period.

I was commenting before how its often difficult to leave home when you have just returned, but feeling ready now to unpack the Melbourne case and upsize to the Mexico case filled with presses and supplies for my friends abroad.

Vamos as Dora would say, lets start the journey…………

Thanks again to all the wonderful stores, designers and decorators that came by last week,, Melbourne we miss you already XXX

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