Sunday, June 3, 2012

Making Paper Flowers

How many of us are conscious of were our purchases come from and who has made them?
Today i have been visiting the Paper Flower makers and their families.

I had one of those uncomfortable moments wen you can see there is something wrong with someone but your not sure if you can say "OH! YOU HAVE BLUE PAINT ALL OVER YOUR MOUTH!!" Negotiating the situation with as much decorum as possible i got to the bottom of it very quickly.......Sara had been wetting her finger on the tinted edge of the paper to roll the edges and as she did she was looking like a school kid that had dipped his finger in the ink pot!
We all had a big laugh and it reminded me how special these makers are!  This family and their neighbours are all selling a Chinese mass produced Flower, they are keeping up with progress and the need for quick cheap solutions and customer demand, but the busy stall holders are the ones i visited with huge orders for Hand Made Paper Flowers as they have done for decades sending them all over the globe to appreciative customers who understand the value of a Hand Made product and truly value their beauty and craftsmanship. Thankfully there are a couple of younger makers who hopefully will carry on the traditions when the elders retire and not give into PROGRESS.
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