Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Favourite Dress

The Frida of Course!
Ever struggle in the morning to find something to wear as you rush out the door?
Feeling a little glum and need a lift?
Ever catch yourself in the mirror and get an instant SMILE?
Last week when i went to town, i was stopped by two women who reminded me of this,
"were did you get the lovely dress?" they asked!!
Proudly i recalled the dozens of times i have been complimented when i wear a Frida and the women who say the same," i always get comments when i wear that dress"
Thanks to the ingenious women of Mexico and their no fear attitude to colour we have the real thing, they get better with age and can last years and years, see the endless Vintage Mexican dresses on line! Testimony to the original cotton version that they still make the same way, in the same villages since the 70's.
When i had the warehouse space i could have filled a book with all the beautiful stories i heard from women who had one, borrowed one, lost one, got married in one. Timeless and with a little accessorising can be worn in many different ways.

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