Thursday, March 22, 2012

Which town are you from?

In a lot of the countries i buy from there is a code, its between the women and men of a village, i think its also unwritten, its like a trend but becomes a fashion.  I am pretty sure there are no rules, just colours, designs and your own interpretation.
It's the clothing the people wear and it marks them, it identifies them, often people express themselves by embroidering larger, more colourful designs and embellish themselves with the most beautiful belts, beads, head-dress's its what we lllooovvveee!!! about our job, interpreting the towns, appreciating the garments and watching a proud wearer be a representative of their village.
Walking Art, a feast for anyones eyesxxxxxxxx
This couple have for decades been the distributors and custodians of this towns art, they have a museum and sweat lodge, and are keen to nurture their culture for as long as they can, they are from Ochuc. Chiapas, Mexico.

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